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When the Wind Blew Nursery Rhyme Mash-Ups

on May 27, 2014


Once children become familiar with traditional nursery rhymes, it’s fun for them to read mash-ups. This new book by Alison Jackson, illustrated by Doris Barrette is a perfect example. In When the Wind Blew, a baby rocking in the treetop settles atop the old shoe home of a woman with many children. Thus begins the quest to return the baby to where it belongs. Jack and Jill, Mary’s little lamb, and Jack’s candlestick all make appearances in this rhyming picture book. Children familiar with these rhymes will delight in the mixed-up tale.


Looking through my collection of toys and things, I’ve put together a nursery rhyme mash-up suitcase.


What happens if the Old Mother Hubbard is visited by the Muffin Man and the cow who jumped over the moon?

How about if the baby in the tree top and Jack and Jill all tumble onto the old woman’s shoe? What will she do with more children?

Use your imagination and with your children tell stories of familiar characters in unfamiliar settings.

In my suitcase, I’ve included:

Rock-a-bye Baby
Jack and Jill
Little Miss Muffet
The Muffin Man
Old Mother Hubbard
The Cow Who Jumped over the Moon
Three Little Kittens
The Old Woman in the Shoe


I’m sure you can think of more!

3 responses to “When the Wind Blew Nursery Rhyme Mash-Ups

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    What a clever idea. I love it.

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