How the story grows…

picture books and beyond – stories and activities to share

welcome to my blog


Sit down with me – look in my eyes.

I need to know you care.

Set down your work – shut out the world.oak-147993_640

Let’s pick a book to share.


We’ll go on an adventure.

We’ll travel to the stars.

I’ll learn from you – you’ll learn from me.

Together we’ll go far.


For like a little acorn

Into a tall strong tree –

That’s how my story grows

If you’ll just read to me.


Hi!  I’m Adrian.  I was fortunate to have a Mother who read to me and blessed to have children who enjoyed being read to.

As a book lover and public library employee, my desire is to share the joy of reading with today’s children.

Sometimes a book is just a time to sit together and enjoy each others company, but sometimes a book can be a starting point for unlimited fun, adventure, and learning. 

Feel free to browse this site for ideas for supplementing the picture books you read with your children.  Just click on the picture books and activities button to the right or check out the individual categories of activities.



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