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The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud

the-bears-songWinter is starting and hibernation time has begun, but while Papa Bear sleeps, Little Bear takes off after the sound of a buzzing bee. When Papa wakes to discover Little Bear has gone, he chases after him, all the way through the forest, into the streets of Paris, and even into the opera house.


Each spread of beautifully detailed illustrations provides opportunity for seek-and-find. Rather than “where’s Waldo?” it’s “where is Little Bear?”

Hilarity ensues as Papa follows his little bear through the opera house and onto the stage. A booming roar from Papa scares away all of the audience except for Little Bear who applauds his Papa’s beautiful voice. The happy ending shows the two bears on the opera house roof, feasting on the honey that has finally been found.

Enjoy following the chase while reading this book with your child. Look for Little Bear together and talk about the details in the scenery.

And when you’re done, enjoy your own honey snack together.

Make some of these delicious honey apple tea sandwiches.

Honey and Apple Sandwich
Just layer two slices of cinnamon bread with honey and very thinly sliced apple, cut off the crusts, and indulge!
P.S. The crusts are good too!

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