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Creativity and Mother Goose



Looking at this photo of my brother and me holding a pail of water while walking up the hill in front of our house, I estimate that this book is close to forty years old.  How is it possible that I can remember an event from forty years ago?  Why is it that my memory of that day is so clear?  Maybe because I thought it was really special that I was able to help my Mother with her school project for a change.  Or perhaps it was fun getting dressed up and having my picture taken.

With further thought, I realize it’s probably because of lessons learned that day.

·  School projects can be fun.

·  You are never, ever too old to play.

But especially:

Creativity makes the world a better place.



Looking closely at the photos of me and my siblings acting out Mother Goose rhymes for my Mom’s book, I see some very familiar items.  My brother’s Mellow Yellow record player is sitting on a table in his room.  I remember listening to John Denver albums on it.  I have fond memories of that old playhouse that used to be in the back yard!  And that child-sized rocking chair?  It’s still in my parent’s living room!  What’s really scary is that I think I still have the wig that I’m wearing in the photo depicting “There was a little girl who had a little curl”.  Maybe it’s time for a re-creation of that photo!


The most creative part of this old book is the last several pages where Mother Claus wrote in a few original rhymes and limericks.

Here’s an example:

There was a young man named Andy

Who climbed every hill that was handy,

On arriving up there

He breathed in the air

And said, “Wow, I feel just dandy.”


Mother Goose rhymes can teach young children so much – rhythm and rhyme, counting skills, memorization, beginning storytelling – just to name a few.  But they can also just be fun!

Why not create your own rhymes with photos of your children?  Make a book that they will treasure many years from now!

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