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Let’s Make Rabbits

on April 15, 2014



This simple story by Leo Lionni provides a perfect opportunity for an easy Spring craft.




In this story, a pencil and a pair of scissors decided to make some rabbits.  First the pencil drew a rabbit, then the scissors made one out of scraps of brightly colored paper.  After dining on handcrafted carrots, the two new friends went to sleep with their stomachs full.

After waking up hungry again, they come upon a real carrot.  (The shadow proves it’s real.)  Imagine their surprise when, after eating the real carrot, the pencil rabbit and the scrap paper rabbit become real too!




I found some beautiful scrapbook paper half-off at the store yesterday, and decided to make some rabbits of my own.  After tracing over the illustration in the book with plain white paper, I cut out the patterns to trace onto the colorful paper.  It was fun mixing up the patterns to make new rabbits.  They looked more real after adding some cute googly eyes!



For the older children, this craft provides great practice for fine motor skills.  For the younger ones, cut out the pieces yourself and let them use their creativity to combine the patterned paper in their own way.


Happy, hoppy Spring!


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